Romaco at Pharmintech in Bologna

Platform technologies for tamper-evident packaging

Romaco Promatic will take advantage of the upcoming exhibition to demonstrate its line competence when it comes to track & trace solutions including secondary packaging, identification and aggregation. Romaco Innojet processing technologies will likewise be on show.

With its secondary and tertiary packaging solutions, Romaco Promatic provides the pharmaceutical industry with a user-friendly platform for manufacturing tamper-evident packaging. The Promatic technologies are flexibly configurable and meet all the requirements of EU Regulation 2016/161 on anti-tampering devices for medicines, which came into force on February 9. In this same connection, Promatic has also prepared its semi-automatic case packers for aggregating serialised cartons. Romaco will show the Promatic PTT 250 track & trace machine at Pharmintech together with an upstream Promatic PCI 915 cartoner and a downstream Promatic PAK 130 case packer. This highly automated packaging line from Romaco Promatic is ideal for tamper-evident identification and aggregation of pharmaceutical packaging.

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