Romaco Promatic PC 4000

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Romaco Kilian – KTP 720X

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Compact footprint module for data printing and verification on up to two carton sides (operator side, machine side).
The most widely used integrated solution on the market.
Quick and easy to fit, with minimum line space 
occupation: 700 mm.
Double belt conveyor allow precise handling of cartons.

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Еquipment, machines and lines for the production of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products and food supplements

  • Machines for production of syrups, gels, creams, suppositories;
  • Homogenizers and mixing systems from 5 to 1000 liters;
  • Fluid bed dryers, coating machines, roll compactors, top and bottom drive granulators;
  • Equipment for storage, dosing and conveying powder, granulates and bulk products;
  • Tablet presses;
  • Blister machines;
  • Machines for flexible strip packaging in different geometries;
  • Monoblocs for filling and closing liquid, pasty and powdery products;
  • Rigid tube fillers for effervescent tablets;
  • Filling and sealing machines for liquid and powdery products;
  • Thermoforming machines for blisters for packing in vials, ampoules, syringes, suppositories etc;
  • Counting systems for tablets and capsules;
  • Flow pack machines;
  • Horizontal machines for filling and closing of ready flexible packs for bio food.
  • Vertical machines for four-sided sealed packages/sachets and stick packs production. Different types of dosing machines for powder, granular, dense and liquid pharmaceutical products
  • Horizontal and vertical cartoners;
  • Case packers;
  • Inspection systems for blisters, vials, boxes, cases;
  • TRACK & TRACE sterilization modules;
  • Aggregation systems for cases and pallets;
  • Fluid bad dryers, coating machines, roll compactors, top and bottom drive granulators.

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