Pharmacount 120, Pharmacount 180, Pharmacount 240

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Romaco Kilian – KTP 720X

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BETA 500 power

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Food supplements

Equipment for production of food supplements, bio foods, vitamins and minerals

  • Machines for production of syrups, gels, creams, suppositories;
  • Homogenizers and mixing systems from 5 to 1000 liters;
  • Fluid bed dryers, coating machines, roll compactors, top and bottom drive granulators;
  • Equipment for storage, dosing and conveying powder, granulates bulk, products and vials;
  • Tablet presses;
  • Blister machines;
  • Machines for flexible strip packaging in different geometries;
  • Monoblocs for filling and closing liquid, pasty and powdery products in vials and bottles;
  • Systems for filling effervescent tablets in tubes;
  • Thermoforming machines for blisters for packing in vials, ampoules, syringes, suppositories etc.
  • Counting systems for tablets and capsules – semi-automatic and automatic;
  • Automatic labeling machines, using cold glue, hot melt and/or self-adhesive labels;
  • Flow pack machines;
  • Horizontal machines for filling and closing of pre-formed stand-up pouches for bio-foods;
  • Vertical machines for four-sided sealed sachets and stic-packs production. Different types of dosing machines for powder, granular, dense and liquid pharmaceutical forms.
  • Semiautomatic and automatic horizontal and vertical cartoners, bundling machines;
  • Case packers - semiautomatic and automatic;
  • Inspection systems for blisters, bottles, boxes and cases;
  • TRACK & TRACE serialization and tracking modules;
  • Fluid bad dryers, coating machines, roll compactors, top and bottom drive granulators.

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