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Production and packaging equipment for food and drinks

  • Optical electronic sorting machines through pulsed LED with mass photodiodes and ССD cameras for cleaning external foreign bodies. The systems are able to find organic and non-organic defects of the product, sort by colour, structure and density dried and frozen fruits, vegetables, musses; Optical sorting machines for grapes;
  • Semi-automatic and automatic aseptic fillers Bag-in-Box® and Bag-In-Drum for pouches with capacity of 3, 5 , 10, 20 liters, as well as 200 and 1000 l. Monoblocs for sterilization and aseptic filling.
  • Ultra-hygienic semi-automatic and automatic fillers Bag-in-Box® for wine, oil, water, and semi-thick products which do not need to be aseptically filled;
  • Single machines and complete lines for processing tomatoes, fruits and vegetables in concentrates, pulps, nectars, paste, fruits in pieces, juices, jams etc. Destoning machines, straining machines, evaporators;
  • Wide range of flexible packaging, aseptic and barrier bags out of aluminum foil, metalized, and transparent materials, with valves for aseptic products or hot filling;
  • X-ray inspection machines, detecting glass, stones and metal particles etc. high density foreign bodies packaged in glass jars, boxes, bags and bottles products;
  • Machines for preparation and processing of prepared food, equipment for industrial kitchens: washers, peelers, cutters, boiling machines and fryers.;
  • Mechanical linear dosing machines according to volume and pumps for conveying liquid and dense products, as well as products with pieces. Dosage: 28 - 5000 g or 0,3 – 20 kg;
  • Systems for storage of bulk materials in hoppers, silos, Big Bag (flexible intermediate bulk containers). Dosage –volumetric, gravimetric and transportation via screw, pneumatic etc. of powdery and granulated products;
  • Universal glass jar washing machines, filling machines according to volume (for fruit and vegetable cans, mayonnaise, jams, nectars, sauces etc.), vacuum fillers, pasteurizing tunnel, depalletizers. Capping machines for glass jars, ТО – Ø 28 – Ø 110;
  • Telescopic, vacuum, gravity fillers for products in pieces, powder and granulated products. Can seamers.
  • Horizontal can sterilizers and pasteurisers in glass jars, metal and plastic containers and flexible packaging with different sterilization cycles.
  • Vertical machines for four-sided sealed packages/sachets and stic-packs production. Different types of dosing machines for condiments, powder, granular, liquid and dense products.
  • Vertical packaging machines for filling and sealing of packs with three-sided sealing of stand-up packs, Pillow Bags, Stabilo–corner, Doy Pack, with zippers etc., with auger screws, linear weighers, telescopic plate dosing systems etc.;
  • Horizontal carousel and linear machines for packing in pre-formed stand-up pouches, with valves, zips etc., of powder, granular, dense and liquid products and products in pieces;
  • Horizontal flow pack machines and other feeding systems for bakery and pastry wares, confectionary, cosmetic and industrial products etc.;
  • Labeling machines using cold glue, hot melt and/or self-adhesive labels;
  • Systems for sorting/calibration and packing of wide range of fruits and vegetables for the fresh product market.