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Romaco Promatic BIPAK

BETA 500 power

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Processing and production equipment, machines and lines for cosmetic and healthcare products

  • Manufacturing of semi-automatic and fully automatic filling and capping machines for liquid, dense, and powdery cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, laboratory and industrial homogenizers;
  • Labeling machines using cold glue, hot melt and / or self-adhesive labels incl. Print & Apply;
  • Vertical machines for four-sided sealed sachets and stick packs. Different types of dosing machines for powder, granular, dense and liquid products, as well as wet wipes.
  • Vertical packaging machines for filling and sealing of packs with three-sided sealing of stand-up packs, Pillow Bags, Stabilo–corner, Doy Pack, with zippers etc. Different dosing systems - pneumatic pumps, auger screws, telescopic plate dosing systems etc.;
  • Horizontal Flow pack machines and different feeding systems for cosmetic and household products;
  • Automatic and semiautomatic cartoning machines for bottles, vials, tubes, sachets etc.;
  • Automatic and semiautomatic case packers;
  • Automatic systems for weighing and dosing of powdery hair dyes;
  • Systems for storage of bulk materials in hoppers, silos, Big Bag (flexible intermediate bulk containers). Dosage – volumetric, gravimetric and transportation via screw, pneumatic etc. of powdery and granulated products;

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